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After a general discussion between me and a client a few days ago, I have realized that we as business people have the following questions that actually turn into a serious problem.  

The first question is:

Are my cash running away from you due to risk in my company?

The second question is:

What are my compliance and risk status and are my compliance keeping cash out of my company due to penalties that I keep on paying?

Download the road map to start your analysis on your risk and compliance status and transform your company into a low risk company!



Els Accountants established in 2016 by Corne Els a registered Professional Accountant (SAIPA:39747)

Corne Els have 11 years experience in the accounting, taxation and auditing fields, Els Accountants strive to provide our clients with the best value added services they deserve, as this is our hallmark. Our vision is to provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the highest quality accounting, tax and business advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by professionals that clearly enjoys working together to exceed our clients’ needs.