Els Accountants

Behind every successful Business is a great Accountant

Accountant that ensure you are complaint and that your risk are low!

In 2016 a dream came true as I have opened my firm Els Accountants and tax consultants starting from client ZERO and have ever been working hard to help clients become compliant mitigate risk and save their cash.

I am passionate about our clients as we care about our clients. Therefore we attend to your business with care as you are our passion.

Because we are passionate about our clients our solution will be made to fit with you.

Corne Els have 11 years experience in the accounting, taxation and auditing fields, Corne Els strive to provide clients with the best value added services they deserve. I have submitted thousands of tax and other returns to help clients to become compliant and mitigate risk to save their cash. I help clients to become compliant and stay compliant to add more cash in their business.

The risk analysis will give you an indication of your risk and compliance status.

Your risk and compliance status will indicate, your exposure to risk.

Should you have a high risk exposure you stand a risk for high penalties. 

Sounds overwhelming? Let us take your burden on our shoulders. 

Contact me that we can set up your road map to analyse your risk and compliance.

Once we have analysed your risk and compliance we will set up a meeting to create a strategy to improve your risk status to a lower risk.